UNReason Launches – a blog by Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan has launched a new blog, UNReason (http://blog.gadflyllc.com). In this space, Ryan embarks on a critical exploration of Reason, plucking it from its academic perch and examining its tangible impact on our lives. Ryan poses the following thesis, one that has historically been the province of philosophers alone.

Reason, masquerading as both the minimum prerequisite of intellectual coherence as well as the apex of human ingenuity, has systematically undermined every traditional and modern attempt to find a satisfying and compelling meaning of life. This ongoing, and perhaps accelerating, demolition of meaning has left us so devoid of purpose, so unsure of ourselves and our culture, that we now lack the conviction needed to defend ourselves or our values, and we are slowly committing demographic suicide.

Esoteric as this topic may appear on its face, it dominates, more or less explicitly, nearly every aspect of our political, cultural, scientific, and religious conversation. The reviews, essays, commentaries, and discussions on his new blog, if successful, will illustrate the depth of the crisis and the urgency of a solution.




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