Rafif Jouejati to tell the stories of the Peaceful Syrians

Rafif Jouejati
Rafif Jouejati

Gadfly is excited to announce a new project with Rafif Jouejati, Director of the Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria (FREE-Syria) and English spokeswoman for the Local Coordination Committees in Syria.

For many, the Syrian conflict is an impossibly complex tangle of terrorism, oil, and global politics. There are no heroes and no sympathetic victims – only varying degrees of depravity battling endlessly for an expanse of sand where no one in his right mind would want to live anyway. Tragically, nothing could be further from the truth.

In her upcoming book, Rafif Jouejati introduces to a Western audience the real people who have been struggling against the 21st century’s first full-blown genocide. Westerners need to know about peaceful Syrian civilians who bravely embraced a charter that respects human rights, liberty, and equality. Today, millions of those civilians have been imprisoned, expelled from their homeland, or slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands. As Director of FREE-Syria and a long-time opposition spokeswoman, Rafif has committed herself to telling their stories.

Rafif, the daughter of a former senior Syrian diplomat, joined the Syrian revolution for freedom, dignity, and democracy in 2011. She continues to work on civil society initiatives inside Syria. She is @RafifJ on Twitter.

We are targeting a publication date later this year. To keep up on our progress, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.