Andrew M. Ryan

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan, Principal

Andrew is an accomplished proposal director and manager with extensive experience developing persuasive proposals for state, local, and federal government as well as commercial customers. He has managed and written compliant, client-focused proposals in the areas of IT, software development, aerospace, and logistics operations. His experience includes all aspects of proposal management and he flexibly adapts industry best practices to the unique environments of his clients to maximize the probability of a win. Mr. Ryan’s extensive background enables him to understand highly technical information quickly and accurately, and produce quality products in a tightly compressed timeframe. Agencies that Andrew has provided solutions to include DHS, ICE, DoD, SEC, DOT, and Education.

Andrew Ryan, a US Army Veteran and veteran of Operation Desert Storm, earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Louisiana State University and continues to study physics, cosmology, and neuroscience. As an author, Andrew has two titles to date. The Substance of Spacetime: Infinity, Nothingness, and the Nature of Matter, released in 2016, is a non-fiction work of theoretical physics that reimagines spacetime, not as a two-dimensional coordinate system, but as a real three-dimensional substance. The Labbitt Halsey Protocol, a novel released in 2011, is a psychological thriller that presents one possible outcome of genetically engineering our children to increase intelligence to give them that designer, competitive edge.

Jill R. Ryan

Jill Ryan
Jill Ryan, Principal

Jill Ryan is an accomplished program and project manager who has applied her skills in a variety of industries. She has had the pleasure of working with public as well as private sector and non-profit organizations from manufacturing to software to member-based and biomedical. Her approach to all projects, be they communication, procedural, strategic or technological, demonstrates her belief that at the end of every project there is a person who will gain from its output.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV/Film from Indiana State University and her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Reading University in England.  Jill started her career in broadcast news and followed an evolutionary path through corporate television production to distance and eLearning into IT project management and book design and publishing. She has maintained her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification since 2006 and gained the Project Management Institute Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) certification in 2015.

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