Rafif Jouejati to tell the stories of the Peaceful Syrians

Rafif Jouejati
Rafif Jouejati

Gadfly is excited to announce a new project with Rafif Jouejati, Director of the Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria (FREE-Syria) and English spokeswoman for the Local Coordination Committees in Syria.

For many, the Syrian conflict is an impossibly complex tangle of terrorism, oil, and global politics. There are no heroes and no sympathetic victims – only varying degrees of depravity battling endlessly for an expanse of sand where no one in his right mind would want to live anyway. Tragically, nothing could be further from the truth.

In her upcoming book, Rafif Jouejati introduces to a Western audience the real people who have been struggling against the 21st century’s first full-blown genocide. Westerners need to know about peaceful Syrian civilians who bravely embraced a charter that respects human rights, liberty, and equality. Today, millions of those civilians have been imprisoned, expelled from their homeland, or slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands. As Director of FREE-Syria and a long-time opposition spokeswoman, Rafif has committed herself to telling their stories.

Rafif, the daughter of a former senior Syrian diplomat, joined the Syrian revolution for freedom, dignity, and democracy in 2011. She continues to work on civil society initiatives inside Syria. She is @RafifJ on Twitter.

We are targeting a publication date later this year. To keep up on our progress, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Substance of Spacetime – New Release now available

The Substance of Spacetime: Infinity, Nothingness, and the Nature of Matter by Andrew M. Ryan is the second edition of Ryan’s work of theoretical physics and is now available where books are sold. This iteration of the book has been fully revised with a completely new final chapter that considers several of the current puzzles being debated today by the leading cosmologists. In this book, Ryan proposes a simple, physical model of spacetime as the basic substance of the universe.

The Substance of Spacetime Book CoverDoes Spacetime Exist?

If spacetime does not exist, it certainly does so in an unusual way. It curves and bends in response to massive objects. It warps in response to high velocities. It prohibits faster-than-light travel. What are we to make of the curvature, the warping, and the pressure of nothingness itself, a mere abstraction? The Substance of Spacetime sets out to investigate these questions and the answers are truly astonishing. Treating spacetime, not merely as a geometric abstraction, but as a real physical substance, opens a window onto reality that would otherwise be impossible to even contemplate.

If spacetime exists, everything changes.

Ryan maintains a blog with new material and further explications of key concepts at http://substanceofspacetime.com.

ISBN: 978-0-9802088-4-9 in Paperback, eBook and Kindle

Hubzone Certification Approved

Gadfly has been officially approved as a Hubzone Certified small business located in Leesburg, Virginia.  HUBZone LogoWe are excited to continue to focus on quality program, project, and proposal management services while growing the community in which we work.

The NAICS Codes we serve include: 511130, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541613, 541618




OPUS – The Espresso Book Machine – meets The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

I have been fascinated with The Espresso Book Machine, a full book production printing press in one, since they first came out a few years ago. To see it in action, I took a trip over to Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC and had them print up a copy of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol, a novel set in the Washington Metro area. If you’d like to see a fully produced and polished video of this machine, OnDemand books has a very nice video. But, I recommend seeing it in person. I hope you enjoy my iPhone videography until then.



My thanks to David and Politics & Prose bookstore for indulging my curiosity.

Ann Franklin Interview by Stacy S. Eaton of WLC

Stacy S. Eaton, fellow author and blogger, interviewed Ann Franklin, protagonist of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol  by Andrew Ryan, for her Author SpotlWorld Literary Cafeight blog. The wide ranging interview addresses such topics as Ann’s least favorite character trait, the most difficult section of the book, and her personal reflections on the struggle to save her son. Author Spotlight is a feature on the World Literary Café, a web community dedicated to uniting readers and authors.

To get inside the story from Ann’s perspective, read the entire interview at the World Literary Cafe.

UNReason Launches – a blog by Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan has launched a new blog, UNReason (http://blog.gadflyllc.com). In this space, Ryan embarks on a critical exploration of Reason, plucking it from its academic perch and examining its tangible impact on our lives. Ryan poses the following thesis, one that has historically been the province of philosophers alone.

Reason, masquerading as both the minimum prerequisite of intellectual coherence as well as the apex of human ingenuity, has systematically undermined every traditional and modern attempt to find a satisfying and compelling meaning of life. This ongoing, and perhaps accelerating, demolition of meaning has left us so devoid of purpose, so unsure of ourselves and our culture, that we now lack the conviction needed to defend ourselves or our values, and we are slowly committing demographic suicide.

Esoteric as this topic may appear on its face, it dominates, more or less explicitly, nearly every aspect of our political, cultural, scientific, and religious conversation. The reviews, essays, commentaries, and discussions on his new blog, if successful, will illustrate the depth of the crisis and the urgency of a solution.




Congrats to the Caption Contest Winners!

Thank you to the Goodreads Ladies and Literature Group! We ran a caption contest looking for the two best captions for the cover of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol and came out with some VERY creative entries. Here are the results.

Awards were chosen in two categories – 1. Closest to the story of the book and 2. The most fun or unexpected caption.

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol
"Hmmmm, do I really need my soul?" "I didn’t know that a dinosaur could use a compass?!!"

And, the WINNERS are:

Closest to the book:

WINNER: “Hmmmm, do I really need my soul?” Submitted by Roseann

Honorable mentions:

“See in the shadow while committing pen to page,
What darkness surrounds the small circle of light for thy son, a sage.” Submitted by Marlene

“Utopia beckons, but at what price?” Submitted by Jessa

Most fun or unexpected:

WINNER: “I didn’t know that a dinosaur could use a compass?!!” Submitted by Patricia

Honorable mentions:

“Lawyer Gang Signs” Submitted by Shannon

“Just sign here…no, here…NO! HERE!!!” Submitted by Gianna

Congratulations Roseann and Patricia!

Why did you write it?

“I’ve always been suspicious of the assumption that great intelligence would be an unqualified benefit— that the madness that so often accompanies it can be cavalierly dismissed.  So I asked the question: Suppose there were an entire subpopulation of extreme geniuses, well beyond anything that would occur naturally. What would that really look like?”

Andrew Ryan, author

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

ISBN:  978-0-9802088-0-1 Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9802088-2-5 eBook
ISBN: 978-0-9802088-7-0 Kindle

What Choice Did She Really Have?

New Release: The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

A novel by Andrew RyanThe Labbitt Halsey Protocol

ISBN:  978-0-9802088-0-1 Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9802088-2-5 eBook
ISBN: 978-0-9802088-7-0 Kindle

(May 2011 – Leesburg, Virginia) Andrew Ryan, author, asks that question in his debut novel THE LABBITT HALSEY PROTOCOL (Gadfly, May 17, 2011).  In a world where the reach of science has tragically exceeded its grasp, Ann Franklin is now faced with the consequences of her choice to genetically enhance her son, Jeremy, with super-human intelligence. Set in the hyper-competitive Washington, D.C. government consulting arena, Ann is torn between her work and Jeremy’s world, a subculture of society – one of nihilism and despair, and beset with suicide as a result of the sheer weight of the unendurable genius that plagues these would-be children of the future. Timing, however, could not be worse as this attractive, shrewd, hard-charging single-mother is about to seal the deal of her career with the largest contract her company has ever pursued; a win means promotion to vice president, lose and she is out of a job.

“In this new work of compelling mainstream fiction, Ryan skillfully combines elements of suspense and business sabotage with raw emotion and pain. As Ann’s determination to save her son intensifies, she learns more about his world and begins to question everything about her own, including her motives.” Kelly Kagamas Tomkies, editor.


THE LABBITT HALSEY PROTOCOL draws on our most basic human motives – motherhood, personal success, the search for meaning, the illusion of control. Before it’s over, Ann’s quest to understand her son will push her right up to the limits of the mind’s tolerance of meaninglessness and chaos and take readers along for the ride, leaving them with questions of their own.

THE LABBITT HALSEY PROTOCOL is available in paperback, Kindle and eBook.

Press Release: Universal Remote


Universal eMote icon
Click Here

(July, 2010 – Leesburg, Virginia) Turning the universal remote control into a conversation controller, binaryFrenzy, LLC debuts in the iTunes App store with the Universal eMote. Designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the Universal eMote plays the sounds of common buttons on a universal remote control adding humor and remote emotes to conversation. The Universal eMote, selling for 99 cents, is pure entertainment that teens and pre-teens will use to hone their “annoy adults” skills.

“The idea came when, while reading aloud one evening, someone gestured to me as if pressing the pause button on the remote control and spoke ‘Pause, pause’. While it didn’t have an immediate effect, my reading paused for a side bar conversation morphing into the idea for an app.” Jill Ryan, project manager. Will Troxell, President, binaryFrenzy, decided the concept had merit and took the project on. With expertise in audio engineering and computer science, the Universal eMote was a perfect app to debut in the iTunes App Store.

About the Developer:

Will Troxell, president and founder of binaryFrenzy, LLC, is an accomplished musician, audio engineer, and computer scientist. A graduate of the AboutObjects iPhone Development course, Troxell has several projects in process for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. He continues to maintain his own recording and mastering studio as well as playing in two local bands.

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