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As a fun side project, Gadfly partnered with Paula Ryan and binaryFrenzy, LLC to create a fun new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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(July, 2010 – Leesburg, Virginia) Turning the universal remote control into a conversation controller, binaryFrenzy, LLC debuts in the iTunes App store with the Universal eMote. Designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the Universal eMote plays the sounds of common buttons on a universal remote control adding humor and remote emotes to conversation. The Universal eMote, selling for 99 cents, is pure entertainment that teens and pre-teens will use to hone their “annoy adults” skills.

“The idea came when, while reading aloud one evening, someone gestured to me as if pressing the pause button on the remote control and spoke ‘Pause, pause’. While it didn’t have an immediate effect, my reading paused for a side bar conversation morphing into the idea for an app.” Jill Ryan, project manager. Will Troxell, President, binaryFrenzy, decided the concept had merit and took the project on. With expertise in audio engineering and computer science, the Universal eMote was a perfect app to debut in the iTunes App Store.

About the Developer:

Will Troxell, president and founder of binaryFrenzy, LLC, is an accomplished musician, audio engineer, and computer scientist. A graduate of the AboutObjects iPhone Development course, Troxell has several projects in process for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. He continues to maintain his own recording and mastering studio as well as playing in two local bands.

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