Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees!

Unlike the administration of a proposal process, which is best understood as a project management function, powerful proposal content is a technical-creative function that depends on a thorough knowledge of both the customer requirements and the proposed solution. Rarely is it reasonable to expect — particularly on large or quick turnaround proposals — a single manager to have the time or the expertise for both the process and the content. And even when such talented individuals are available, it is gratuitously risky to burden them with two major responsibilities that can be so easily separated and executed in parallel.

The Proposal Content Manager is, rather surprisingly, a new position. It is dedicated to the following objectives, all of which are universally acknowledged as critical, but which are all too often handled in an ad hoc and unsystematic way.

  1. The development of compelling win themes that capture real customer issues, the features of your solution that address those issues, and the benefits your customer can expect when those solutions are implemented.
  2. The disciplined application of your win themes to the entire proposal from solution development through the final draft.
  3. Solution development, storyboards, and pink team. Though this is the most important part of the proposal process, it has become increasingly truncated and/or poorly executed – a casualty of the rush to start writing.
  4. A single, logically coherent “voice” that makes a strong and relentless case throughout the proposal for your company’s value proposition.

Put the Focus on Your Message

Content Manager ImageContent management places a huge premium on superb writing skills and the ability to translate the many features of your product or service into the compelling customer benefits that will send it flying off the shelves. Working in close collaboration with your company’s subject matter experts, our content manager, Andrew Ryan, will study the statement of work in detail, delve into the minutia of the solution, and conduct extensive research into the target audience within your customer’s organization. This is a synthetic function that combines all of the many elements needed to create a powerful message. Only when these are brought together by a single ‘voice’ can the final proposal exhibit the logical coherence and customer focus promised by the win themes.

The addition of a content manager to your proposal team can increase your win probability by creating a better proposal, improve efficiency by doing it right the first time, decrease stress, and save you time and money.

Read more about our Dual Proposal Management Approach.

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