Congrats to the Caption Contest Winners!

Thank you to the Goodreads Ladies and Literature Group! We ran a caption contest looking for the two best captions for the cover of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol and came out with some VERY creative entries. Here are the results.

Awards were chosen in two categories – 1. Closest to the story of the book and 2. The most fun or unexpected caption.

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol
"Hmmmm, do I really need my soul?" "I didn’t know that a dinosaur could use a compass?!!"

And, the WINNERS are:

Closest to the book:

WINNER: “Hmmmm, do I really need my soul?” Submitted by Roseann

Honorable mentions:

“See in the shadow while committing pen to page,
What darkness surrounds the small circle of light for thy son, a sage.” Submitted by Marlene

“Utopia beckons, but at what price?” Submitted by Jessa

Most fun or unexpected:

WINNER: “I didn’t know that a dinosaur could use a compass?!!” Submitted by Patricia

Honorable mentions:

“Lawyer Gang Signs” Submitted by Shannon

“Just sign here…no, here…NO! HERE!!!” Submitted by Gianna

Congratulations Roseann and Patricia!

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