About Us

Founded in 2003, Gadfly provides expert proposal and project management consulting for technology projects. Our experience includes customers from Federal, State, Local Government; Television/Media, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Non-Profit, Labor, Biotech, and Publishing.

Proposal Management – Acquisition Support

Our approach to proposals embraces the distinction between proposal process and proposal content. This refined approach capitalizes on the creative versus administrative strengths of the proposal team resulting in compelling, compliant content while also tightly managing all the moving parts and people of the bid process. This divide and conquer methodology results in less stress and better proposal content and, by doing things right the first time, eliminates the post-red team disaster recovery and hero work that plague many proposal efforts.

Unique approach resulting in:

  • Equal focus on Content and Administrative Management
  • Lean solution development process
  • Single, logical voice throughout proposal

Program and Project Management

We apply industry best practices to all of our projects. Recognizing that each project is unique, we build a project management plan with the tools and techniques that best fit the objectives and the team that will make them real; one size does not fit all. This approach enforces a focus on the best result of the project and its stakeholders, rather than the road we take to get there.

Specializing in technology implementations that:

  • Enable communication and/or collaboration
  • Develop skills & knowledge
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reengineer process
  • Rescue troubled projects

Our book publishing endeavors are focused primarily on the works of co-founder Andrew Ryan.

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