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The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

By Andrew M. Ryan

What choice did she really have?

Set in the highly competitive landscape of Washington DC, The Labbitt Halsey Protocol chronicles a sinThe Labbitt Halsey Protocolgle mother’s struggle to save her son from the tragic consequences of a groundbreaking genetic procedure. It was initially hoped that the XEN protocol, designed to dramatically enhance intelligence, might produce insights and breakthroughs to benefit all mankind. Instead, it created a subculture, the inhabitants of which are plagued by nihilism and for whom suicide is often the only escape. Risking her high-powered career, and ultimately her life, she immerses herself into the inscrutable Xen world in a desperate attempt to reach her son. Read More…


Do You Doubt the Daffodil?
Meditations from the Garden

By Bobbi Junod 

 Do You Doubt the Daffodil? is a beautiful and provocative collection of meditations that explore SpDo You Doubt the Daffodil? Coveririt through the purifying lens of nature. Set in the tranquility of the garden, it navigates the joys and trials of life with insight and humor. The author shares with her readers her personal journey of discovery from fear and uncertainty to self confidence and peace. This book will become a trusted companion – on the coffee table or near the bed-side – and makes a wonderful gift for all the women in your life. Read More…


The Law of Physics

By Andrew M. Ryan 

Making physics physical again.

Over the past century, physics has become increasinglyThe Law of Physics Cover Image and alarmingly difficult to represent in concrete physical terms. Whether it’s spacetime curvature, the superposed and probabilistic states of matter or, more recently, the eleven dimensions of string theory, scientists have reluctantly conceded that the cosmos is radically different from the comfortable and mechanistic model handed down by Isaac Newton. As Richard Feynman famously quipped, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t.” But does it have to be this way?

In The Law of Physics, Ryan asks a simple question: Is there an interpretation of existing empirical observations that simultaneously acknowledges the great success of the standard models, but also paints an intuitive, comprehensible, and above all physical picture of the universe? In other words, can Newtonian sobriety be injected back into the dizzying world of modern physics? Ryan believes the answer is yes. Read More…

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