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The Substance of Spacetime:

Infinity, Nothingness, and the Nature of Matter

By Andrew M. Ryan

The Substance of Spacetime Book CoverIf spacetime does not exist, it certainly does so in a curiously conspicuous way, not at all like other geometric abstractions. Consider this mindbender: spacetime does not exist at all, but it doesn’t exist in the void even more than it doesn’t exist in the universe. Is that the description of something that does not exist?

Relativity theory treats spacetime as a mathematical abstraction—a four-dimensional coordinate system analogous to the three dimensions of Cartesian geometry. It does not exist, per se. It is not a “thing” in any tangible sense. It merely serves as the background needed to describe the behaviors of the “real” things that exist within it. It is no more than the stage on which the cosmic drama plays out. That’s the theory. Read more…


The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

By Andrew M. Ryan

What choice did she really have?

Set in the highly competitive landscape of Washington DC, The Labbitt Halsey Protocol chronicles a sinThe Labbitt Halsey Protocolgle mother’s struggle to save her son from the tragic consequences of a groundbreaking genetic procedure. It was initially hoped that the XEN protocol, designed to dramatically enhance intelligence, might produce insights and breakthroughs to benefit all mankind. Instead, it created a subculture, the inhabitants of which are plagued by nihilism and for whom suicide is often the only escape. Risking her high-powered career, and ultimately her life, she immerses herself into the inscrutable Xen world in a desperate attempt to reach her son. Read More…

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